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Demo - API Reference


You will need to consider how to load the libraries that sanddance depends on, based on your build & deployment scenario.

Installation via script tags

Load dependencies via <script> tags in your HTML:

<script src="" charset="utf-8"></script>
<script src=""></script>
<script src="TODO sanddance.js"></script>

A global variable named SandDance will be available to you. In your JavaScript, call the use function to pass the dependency libraries:

SandDance.use(vega, deck, deck, luma);

Installation via Node.js

Add these to the dependencies section of your package.json, then run npm install:

"": "6.4",
"": "6.4",
"@msrvida/sanddance": "^1",
"": "6.4",
"vega-lib": "^4.3.0"

Import these in your JavaScript, then call the use() function to pass the dependency libraries to SandDance.VegaDeckGl:

import * as deck from '';
import * as layers from '';
import * as luma from '';
import * as vega from 'vega-lib';
import * as SandDance from '@msrvida/sanddance';

SandDance.use(vega, deck, layers, luma);

For more information

Please visit the SandDance website.